Real Stories

Real Stories

We are extremely blessed by God to have been given the privilege of caring for and loving the neediest, abandoned, hurt and deprived children of society – orphans! Karuna Sharan is a place where they can heal, grow and trust again. We hope some of these real stories that we share with you will move your heart to want to make a difference in the life of an orphan child! Please note that the names of these children have been withheld to maintain privacy and strict confidentiality.

Story 1 Deserted by his mother and sister, he was left alone with his unemployed and abusive father who cared not about his welfare. So he left his home and found himself a job making scrambled eggs for a living. He was discovered as a child labourer and was sent to an observation center which was far from bringing him any relief. In answer to his prayer for rescue and help, he was noticed by our team and eventually brought to Karuna Sharan at the age of twelve, in 2014. He calls Karuna his ‘home’ and believes that he has been given a new lease of life. His dream is to do well in life. He would like to study Computer Science and has a strong desire to read and write English fluently.

Story 2 This little boy was under the mercy of his drunken father who was an alcohol addict. He was constantly beaten at home (he still carries the scars on his body). Having no one else to run to, he ran away from home. Not knowing where to go, he went to the train station and boarded a train that landed him in Mumbai. He was found by the police who then sent him to a remand home. There he was physically beaten by the older boys. Our social worker heard about this young boy’s story when we were looking to take in more boys in Karuna, and immediately, we knew that he had to be rescued. He was five years old when he came to us in 2014. Ask this little angel what he loves about Karuna and he says, “Everything.” Especially the love & security he experiences here. He is relieved that he will not be treated unkindly at his new found home. He always has a smile on his face and has a thankful heart for every little blessing that comes his way. He is intelligent, loves to study and within six months he has learned to read English.

Story 3 He was seven years old when he was brought to Karuna Sharan in 2014, by the NGO, Child line. He had tragically lost his father and soon after was abandoned by his mother. Traumatized by his family situation and living in hopeless conditions, he was rescued by Child line. This child is a smart boy and would like to become a police officer when he grows up. At Karuna he soaks in all the love and encouragement that he receives from everyone. He has opened up and has learned to socialize. He attends The Ambassador High School and is doing well in his studies. He says that he loves his new home and is thankful to be here.

Story 4 After his mother’s death, his father remarried and forsook their little son. His maternal uncle looked after him for a while but was not able to provide for him. They faced various financial challenges in their effort to look after him. Thankfully he sought admission for him at Karuna Sharan in 2009 at the age of nine. This young boy is shy and introverted. However, once he gets to know you he gets talking. He enjoys playing indoor games and singing songs. He has an excellent gift of grasping whatever he learns and is doing well academically.

Story 5 This boy’s mother was terminally ill. Due to her poor health and inability to fend for her son, he was brought to Karuna Sharan in 2008, at the age of nine. He is a bright kid and excels at everything he does. He is repeatedly felicitated during school events for his achievements. He was selected for ‘The Best Student’ award in his age group. He shows great promise and is one of the most disciplined boys. He is the head boy this year and is the class topper. He was 2nd in the English Olympiad and received an “Excellency” award. He dreams of being a Pilot when he grows up.

Story 6 Before coming to Karuna Sharan, he worked as child labourer, picking up stones at building construction sites and nearby quarries. He toiled hard in the scorching heat and ate very small meals. His tiny hands and feet were often bruised and sore from lifting sharp pieces of cut stone. His mother was terminally ill and could not care for him, so he was brought to Karuna Sharan in 2008, at the age of six. Today, this bright and intelligent boy, is always aiming to top his class in school. He is understanding, proactive and loves to help with the cleaning. He has a caring attitude towards his younger brother and other younger children. He has been the class representative for two consecutive years. From a stone laborer to a topper in school – life has great potential for this young kid!